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AssetFocus Network Inventory, 100 PCs 2.0 03/01/11 Trial version English
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista

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Full overview of software, hardware and filesAssetFocus? is a user-friendly and intuitive tool that automatically collectsinformation on software, hardware and files from an enterprise computernetwork.

First of all, you get an overview of who and how many has aninstallation of i. e. Adobe Photoshop, Access or Kazaa. AssetFocus? recognizesmore than 11.

000 applications and versions. Secondly, you get hardwareinformation on for instance CPU type and speed, monitor, size of hard disk, netcard, RAM memory from all computers on the network.

Furthermore, you getan overview of i. e. music- and film-files on the network, where they are andtheir size. Software license controlWith AssetFocus?

you can control your licenses intelligently. Via the build-inlicense module, you can register all vital license information, i. e. number oflicenses, license keys, serial numbers, purchase dates etc.

AssetFocus? documents how many installations you have per application. Thus, the systemcan compare the number of licenses with the number of software installationsand you can generate reports.

We recommend that AssetFocus? scans thenetwork every month. The scan runs automatically via the login-script andwithout installations on the client?

s network. The actual scan runs withoutinterfering with the normal routine of the computer ? it is invisible ? and uses only 5-20 % of the CPU. Approved procedureAssetFocus?

comes with the largest signature database recognizing more than11. 000 applications. The database is updated via the Internet. The recognitionof application is done by analyzing exe-files.

This is the method that BSA(Business Software Alliance) recommends. Other products typically only scanthe registry database ? and this is only rarely sufficient.

Hardware and file statisticsAssetFocus? gives you the possibility to compare software and hardwareinformation. For example, you can get a list of computers running Win98 andwith less than 128 Mb RAM.

AssetFocus? can generate file statistics fromevery PC. Among other things, you can see; how many JPG-, AVI-, MP3-, ZIP-files etc a user has; what size the files have; where they areThe administrator decides which files to scan for and how often.

Why use software license control? ; You save money when you eliminate redundant licenses. You avoid infringement on intellectual property rights You avoid unwanted software and files; You get better security; You get quantity discounts when you know your exact license need; You get an overview of all hardware and software thereby makinginformed decisions easier.

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